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My name is Muru and I am the Pyrenean Shephard who ordered the very first TreatBall. I just couldn't stand staying indoors doing nothing during the days, while I imagined my cousins hearding sheep or at least enjoying themselves outdoors and having all kinds of fun. I lived in a city, in an apartment! I was supposed to sleep while my people were working... Whufh! I really let everybody know, that such life wasn't for me! Just taking me to the walks, agility and obediance training in the evenings and weekeds wasn't enough to keep my mind calm.... I wanted more challenges!

And there it was! TREATBALL! It smelled wonderfull because it was full of tiny little dog treats. The first perfect puzzle for me to solve. It didn't make me run around, since it didn't really bounce. I very soon noticed that I just had to settle down with it and squeeze it open with my paws and teeth. At first it took me about an hour to solve that mystery. Afterwards I was tired and just fell asleep! Since that day I have been working during the days just like my people. I bet I am the smartest TreatBall addict in the world because I've had it since the day one!?!

Today my people try to make the puzzle even harder for me because I have become a very talented TreatBall worker. I can actually spot the TreatBall's mouth, turn the ball into right position, squeeze it and shake my head and there the treats fly! My people have been thinking new ways of challenging me with the TreatBall. The one task I like the best is when they take about 10 TreatBalls, stuff them with extra large treats and then hide the balls around the apartment. I am always so excited to go find the balls that I cant help whining a little while waiting the for the go-command!

Since the TreatBall I find it much more easier to wait my turn to get out and do the other great stuff a little dog can do. With TreatBall I also learned how to fetch balls and other things and actually bring it back to my people which was really difficult for me before. I wondered why give something up when I fetched it all by myself? TreatBall I did return since it was going to be stuffed again! Suddenly I realized that fetching actually ment bringing something back.

Knowing I am the smart one who can solve the TreatBall puzzle I don't bother arguing with the other dogs at my street. I also gave up eating shoes and other stuff that really didn't even taste good. Somehow even the lady downstairs has been much more polite to me lately because I quit running around the apartment, jumping across the furnitures and making funny noises to get attention.

As my people say I am the happy TreatBall dog today!


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