The Tricky Tennis Ball

TREATBALL -the Dog Activator for small and medium size dogs!

A TreatBall Dog is a Happy Dog!

All dogs love a challenge. TreatBall provides one! Simply fill this "Tricky Tennis Ball" with small, flavorful treats and watch your dog solve the "problem" of getting them out! TreatBall stimulates your dog's mind, holds your dog's attention, and teaches problem-solving skills. Your Dog is Activated!


It's Easy to Activate Your Dog!

  • Use your dog's favorite treats-small ones work best. Our testers gave "Paws Up!" to liver bits and small nibbles of sausage or cheese! The smaller the treat, the easier it is for beginners to retrieve-which stimulates your dog to try again and again.
  • Simply place 5-10 small treats in the treat chamber, then Activate your dog by rolling, tossing the ball, show him how it opens and let him smell the delicious treat smell inside the Treatball.
  • Give TreatBall to your dog. Don't throw it, TreatBall is not a fetch toy but an Activator and a puzzle. Let your dog figure out how it works. It may take a while!







TreatBall Numbers


Diameter of ball: 2 1/2" (63 mm)

Materials used: High grade, non toxic tennis balls made of rubber, latex, wool and nylon

Color: Yellow

Size of treat container: 8.1 cubic" (135cc)

Type of treat container: Squeeze Operated Treat ContainerTM (Patent number US 5965182)

Size requirement for treats: Variables sizes, from 1/8" (5 mm) to 3/4 inch (20 mm) cubes

Recommended dog treats: Dogs favorite treats; small dog biscuits, freeze dried liver etc.

Width with packaging: 7 1/4" (185mm)

Heigth with packaging: 6 2/4" (160 mm)

Weight with packaging: 4.4 ounces (126 grams)

Recommended size of dogs: Small to medium

Other requirements for dogs: Problem solving skills

TreatBall Is Easy to Use & Care

The Care and Feeding of TreatBall

  • Wash TreatBall regularly to keep it clean. Remove uneaten treats, then use a small brush if needed to clean the surface. Rinse well and dry.
  • Only edible treats in the treat chamber, please!
  • Large dogs (those who can chew TreatBall with their molars) or those who like to devour rubber balls should not be activated with TreatBall.

Easy to fill and refill:

Squeeze TreatBall to widen the opening, and drop the treats inside. You can use almost any treat your dog likes. The better the treats inside TreatBall, the more your dog will enjoy playing with it!


Easy to empty:

Squeeze TreatBall to widen the opening, and pour out leftover treats.


Easy to clean:

Rinse TreatBall under running water from inside and outside. Use a small brush and dishwashing detergent if needed, and rinse well.


Treats Do Not Fall Out On Their Own

Unlike other available toys with fixed holes, TreatBall does not let its treats escape on their own. Your dog has to solve a puzzle - the mouth of TreatBall must be opened to gain access to the treats. Getting the treats out of TreatBall requires work, challenges your dog's mind, and develops problem solving skills.


Training with TreatBall




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