New Packages

Atomide has launched two new packeges for TreatBall!


The new Twin Packege has a tempting 4-coloured label and it includes two TreatBalls. Suggested retail price is $ 6.95 and minimum order is 24 units.


Single Package

The new Single Packege comes in a bulk of 100 hundred TreatBalls with a mouth tag. Mouth tag includes barcode and the web site address for the instructions. Suggested retail price is $ 3.95.


Press Releases

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Dog Fancy Magazine selects TreatBall as one of the Editor's Choice 2000 products!

Following is a quote from December 2000 issue of DogFancy magazine: "So simple. The TreatBall is quiet, convenient, and rewarding."

Dog Fancy Magazine Reviews TreatBall

Following is a quote from August 1998 issue of DogFancy magazine:

"One Tricky Tennis Ball- When one editor gave the Atomide TreatBall to her Cocker Spanies, they played with it for days. Part of the trend of treat-dispensing toys, TreatBall is a hollow tennis ball with a slit along one side that allows treats to be put inside. When the ball is squeezed, the slit opens and treats spill out. It sounds easy, but a dog has to squeeze the ball just right to get the food. TreatBall is not for heavy chewers or large breeds that may decide to take a shortcut by ripping the ball apart. Remember to wash the old treats off the toy between uses..."

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TreatBall™ Patent

TreatBall Patents number US5965182 & USD0424256 was granted on summer 1999.


Company News

The new web site is here!

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